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27 October 2008 @ 10:48 am
Coloring Tutorial #1  

We'll be making this from this

you must know how to use blending modes, and how to use textures, as well as adjustment layers. I will not explain anything like that. Do not steal this tutorial or claim it as your own. Also please do not use the same style, this is for learning purposes. You are free to tweak anything, and make other tutorials based off this one. I don't mind. Am I even making sense?! XD

1. First choose your image and crop it to 100x100 px, as well as sharpen it , and fade the sharpen a bit so it isn't so over-sharpened.

2. Duplicate your base layer and set it to screen, it makes sense if the image is really bright, you lower the opacity. If it's really dark duplicate the screen layer once and lower the opacity if that's too bright.

3. Now, new adjustment layer. It will be a Color Balance Layer , Now look below and use the following settings. If you do not get this result, then tweak it a bit.

4. Now, another adjustment later. This one will be a Selective Coloring layer. Look below for the settings, if you do not get this result, tweak it until you do.

CYAN: -47

CYAN: +44

CYAN: +31

5. Now Brightness/Contrast layer. Now look below, again. I know, it's tiring. If you do not get this result, just tweak.


6. And you're done, FINALLY! Below are other examples, that have been tweaked a bit.

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