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Community Move?

i was going to delete !YD but decided that, well..Many people should still be able to use my stuff.

OH! vampireball is looking for one more poster! so, PM me with some examples!

SO! I will not delete this community. instead, it is going to be moved to vampireball

I'm going to move this community ownership to a dummy journal. The only things that will be reposted on !VB will be the links I offer up here. Everything else here will be here and not be on the new comm.

I haven't set up the new community yet, but you guys can watch/join it, ahead of time.

vampireball vampireball vampireball did i say vampireball?
Lol, sorry.. I felt like being a tad bit annoying. So, in that this community won't be updated anymore.
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12 Kemp Muhl Icons

comment, credit & do not hot link!

I love this girl. She's such a cute model. I think Kemp would be good for a feisty,fun loving RP character. But you can use these icons for anything. For RP or for a personal journal. As long as you credit. I don't mind how you credit, either the community name or my user-name or both. doesn't matter :] I'm known by both.

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